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  1. i Am EmBArRasSeD, diSguSTiNg aNd diStUrbiNg
  2. im sure britney is happy with being a 37 year old woman with the rights of a child
  3. " If Britney Spears was capable to be WITHOUT a fucking conservatorship the court, the judges and her fucking FAMILY would have ended this " must be the most naive thing ive ever read. She cant live without the conservatorship yet she can go on 3 world tours, release 4 albums, perform in vegas for years all without killing herself. But whatever keeps the cash cow going
  4. and shes.... still.... in a conservatorship
  5. Its a private Britney Spears Forum, what should we Even discuss then? Celebrate When she Flips her hair with a little more energy?
  6. You can tell who the people living in a bubble are. The world is full of sunshine and rainbows
  7. Well why would they release a documentery with her saying how locked up she feels but keep her in the conservatorship for over a decade?
  8. releasing for the record makes more Sense now with the temporary thing
  9. she did great. hopefully she starts singing her own songs live
  10. Sometimes I really question her producers though, there's no reason she couldn't sing the Early Mornin chorus
  11. Early mornin and toxic are flawless

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