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  1. Meanwhile Backstreet Boys are doing another tour and looking hotter than ever.
  2. An announcement of an announcement. Britney's impact is real.
  3. Someday, Everytime, Man On The Moon, When I Found You, I Run Away are in line waiting right now. Make it happen.
  4. As usual with Britney motherfucking Spears you never know what you are going to end. That is what stan dreams are made off. That's my Godney!!! There are not enough words to praise her.
  5. Actually no honey. Christina hasn't slayed in a tour for a long time.
  6. Only Godney could make such a simple and yet well knowed song epic. Godney!!! You slayed me.
  7. But I'm sure you have played Make Me more than Myah Marie Jean
  8. It's been nice.  People have been so nice and welcoming. Although the weather is getting colder each day. More than when I'm use to. 

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    2. popmans1985


      Nope I haven't. By the way I'm a dude. 

    3. gimmemoarjosh


      I know you are a dude. Sis is an Internet thing. It's not serious, man. :)

    4. gimmemoarjosh


      How is your night?

  9. Make Me is incredible. It´s a step forward in the right direction. I´m just speachless. This is what amazing and innovative songs are made. The hype was justified. Everyone can have a miss step but only legends can correct their paths and gives us something better. The legendary Miss Britney Spears. Lick it up basic bitches!!! Lick it up!!!
  10. For Me is Wake Me Up the sequal. It´s not a bad thing thou,
  11. Let the waiting game begin. I´m sure she is taking time because she doesn´t want another Myah Marie kind of mess.

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