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  1. She’s can’t be that bad for that long could she? Not every bipolar patient is put under it so why britney? I think money is probably the only reason. I mean look at demi lovato she isn’t under one so why does britney get singled out? And where is her mother in all this. It’s always her dad this her dad that. It’s the most bizarre thing ever honestly that her mother is completely out of the picture. By the looks of things it also seems she practically has no say in legal metters whatsoever.
  2. Yeah agreed she obviously could go to the hair salon and come back to the facility if the facility allowed it. And clearly they’re blackmailing her with her kids. That’s the only way she’ll ever do anything that her handlers want. The instagram post is sort of twisted if her management made it.
  3. ikr? Just like cathy dennis in toxic or whatshername in early mornin. I think it became such a big problem for some people ever since they had been blindsided on britney jean with a soundalike.
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