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  1. I just came back and it was absolutely fantastic!
  2. i thought the tickets were sold out, but i checked ticketmaster and they had the floor tickets, so decided to buy for Wembley 13th June 😄 im excited
  3. So i guess Geri is going to replace Victoria in Holler/LLLTW/Goodbye if they do it? Cause it wouldnt make sense to do it just 3 of them?
  4. i need a new Emma album 😞i don't know why she stopped, she seemed passionate about it
  5. Now that i think about it, Britney Jean would be a perfect title for her country album ?
  6. I really cant believe, she sounds so fucking amazing yet she doesnt even sing Everytime live she could change the key or something if it's that hard to do live
  7. She should like change a song she does each week, but i feel like she only did it this once to get her message out there
  8. She sounds so fucking good, why Britney, why? Just give us a performance of a ballad at least.
  9. they could always release it as a single later on and re-release the album :>
  10. oh, i didnt scroll down thanks
  11. love it anyone could send me a download link? cause i have to leave soon and want to listen to it on my phone <3
  12. ugh at least give us a buzz single or sth
  13. she looks fuckin FLAWLESS in that second outfit, absolutely perfect.

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