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  1. Somebody I met knows Britney and said her dad is fine.
  2. I was there and a lot of people left early during her set or weren’t paying attention (myself included and I was fucking stoked originally). She was late, the sound was bad, she almost ran out of time. It wasn’t amazing.
  3. Could somebody please explain WHY we must bash 'Lemonade' in order to praise 'Glory'? They couldn't be MORE different. Like, at all. Don't be like the fans you're criticizing by doing this here.
  4. "private show" is fine, but it does NOT belong on this album whatsoever.
  5. pm me? I need something to look forward to after work
  6. Thank you. A lot of times when I'm traveling alone, I'll go to a bar & strike up a conversation with somebody interesting nearby. They may be in the same boat, and in turn, you get to meet a lot of cool people from all over. And aaaaalso, I've worked in the hospitality industry for so long that a lot of my friends are the ones serving me, so it's still a very social scenario. ANYWAY. I purchased "Make Me" 2x on iTunes. Woop.
  7. "She is singing better than she has in years."

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