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  1. We need the good sis @speakerbox to get on it then 🙃
  2. I’m so happy this is all blowing up ngl
  3. Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie x
  4. Some of y’all are so naive thinking this show will come back, lol.
  5. It’s also strange how they removed every trace of the show from her social media, website, etc
  6. Sis, they would be rescheduling the dates and not making refunds if the show was actually “postponed”
  7. Given that fact that Britney’s IG post clearly states “I will not be performing my new show Domination” + the creative directors suddenly being open about everything + Ticketmaster making refunds, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say the show (at least in its previous form) has been cancelled indeed
  8. She didn’t sound flawless because it was one hour into the show and after Slave 4 U.
  9. We love a skinny talented legend who can sell tickets, dance AND sing live.
  10. God is always on time with ha live vocals
  11. btw, lmao @ people in the audience being like "Oh my god!!!!" and all getting quiet in order to hear the VOCALIST's voice.
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