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  1. If Britney is actually being held against her will, this is in pretty poor taste tbh.
  2. Eh, I personally dont have an opinion on this yet. Everything at this point is just conjecture so I'm fine with waiting to see how this all turns out.
  3. Yeah, this is vocal layering with the background singer(s), not a Britney imitator.
  4. Amazing. Might be my favorite song on the album.
  5. I still can't get over Man on the Moon. This is everything I wanted from a Britney song.
  6. Masterpiece. Best thing she's released in a decade.
  7. I would appreciate a PM as well plz
  8. Literally the first thing I did. I was halfway through my first listen and was like nope.
  9. Ugh, the guitar in this. Imma need the stems to leak at some point.
  10. Guys, this is really good. Like this is classic Britney in the making rn.
  11. Was that background recycled from the Best Friend interlude of the MDNA Tour?
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