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  1. Wait y’all getting hateful with these pics lol what if she has bad anxiety 😘
  2. I did some skimming in the document Chad posted ^^ and... “Pharmaceutical labeling is inherently circumstantial in nature; for the medication to realize its full effect, the circumstances of her existence must be taken into consideration by the court” 🤯🤯 what a badass statement lol what are the circumstances of MY existence 😭😭
  3. Her band must have been ecstatic too and likely very proud. I hope everyone is encouraging and keep puffing her up. Super random but I've thought about her band before and how they must describe their gig to people when asked about it. Like "yeah we actually play, she just doesn't actually sing..."
  4. Damn! She killed that! She looks so happy and FREE up there singing. Girl you could have this every night! Every song! I like where we're headed ladies
  5. I think this was great for her too. To SANG on stage and get nothing but love for the first time as a mother I'm still holding out hope for some change to come from the lip synching comments tbh
  6. HAHAHA I'm giddy! She sounds so good I can't stop laughing at this scenario I've created in which Britney deeply cherishes the song Happy Birthday and was so inspired by the content as a child that she decided to become a singer. It was the song she chose for star search and the intro to the '00 vma's instead of satisfaction. Chaotic features 16 minutes of her singing all the extra made up Happy Birthday outros to Kevin and a small crowd, etc
  7. I like it but the full sound like a bonus track.
  8. Guys I'm afraid that my Grindr invitations don't invoke the same vibe as Britney does in Invitation
  9. thanks regardless babe!
  10. Can someone PM me please? The link i got went down.
  11. Can someone please PM me <3
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