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  1. This. I’m tired of the holier than thou sheep in this thread keep grouping everyone in with the fans taking things way too far.
  2. Isn’t is also better from a legal aspect to communicate via email? Like they hold up better in court or something? When my friend got a divorce her attorney advised her to keep all communication in email.
  3. I think she was just saying sorry for making him wait. People are doing too much.
  4. “Ever since Britney has been under the conservatorship, the focus has been on keeping her healthy,” says the source. “There was a reason a conservatorship was needed and there is a reason it has continued. It’s to protect Britney and make sure she continues to do well.” Over the last decade, the singer has “received treatment, seen a psychiatrist and other doctors,” says the source, who adds that Spears has been on board with her treatment plan. “This is something she wants to do.” Is this part new?
  5. He was talking about Bradley and T. Kyle. Not the girls.
  6. Hey guys, it’s me ✌ Just wanted to quickly mention that Slumber Party is one of Britney’s best songs ever. Carry on (if you must).
  7. I cannot believe what these two girls started 😂
  8. Probably just because they laugh at the craziness of it now.
  9. Right? Y’all wanna get so fucking up in arms about “bRitNeY dOeSnt OwE uS aNyThInG!!!!11!” (which again, no one is saying she does) but obviously Britney does not have the freedom to discuss it in interviews, and when she does it is edited out and removed. That is a fact.
  10. If Britney HERSELF did an interview on camera seemingly happy and healthy and told us she actually IS happy and healthy, yes, I do think it would stop the current speculation.
  11. The people getting all upset over the speculation need to chill. Britney could put an end to literally every ounce of speculation if she wanted to. If the conversation was bothering her, all it would take is a statement (FROM HER) asking us to respect her privacy, and assure us she is in control and happy. She doesn’t have to give us an ounce of detail about her diagnosis or personal information.
  12. It's amazing how hearing her sing this live now, the way she sings is super reminiscent of how we see in the videos of her singing as a child. She could REALLY benefit from changing the pitch and way she sings on her albums to something that is achievable live.
  13. I feel like she's now held herself to a higher standard. She has now proven she's confident and capable, there is literally no excuse.
  14. But honestly, now that's she's done this, there is no reason why she's not stepping up in her own songs. I think her justification for herself is that she's dancing, but she could 100% sing verses.
  15. I literally am in a state of shock. Not only singing completely live with NO backing track, but also the CONFIDENCE doing it. I am in awe.
  16. What kind of fiction We might have heard on DLMBTLTK like twice but girl...
  17. Forget singing Everytime live. At the very least Work Bitch, Womanizer, Freakshow, the spoken intro of Slave, and other talk-sing songs she could get her feet wet with.

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