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  1. If you would have told me in the year 2017 Britney Spears would sing live like this and that Donald Trump was president I would think your mocking me.
  2. Was this the last time she was in Singapore? If so she better move bitch, must have something in the water or something
  3. Her voice is really so special in that register. If she ever markets it, The public would freak out.
  4. Damn forgot about that. If Britney were to do this televised in a more public way, she would give Marilyn a run for her money
  5. Meanwhile I don't think there's anyone in history that has and will get the public so shook from a singer that sang happy birthday
  6. I think what does this song justice is the register she sings in. I find myself trying to recreate that tone she sings in the chorus. "I think I've been here before"... And just enjoy that along with melody , Great song
  7. Oh boy. All you Virgins are in for a surprise.
  8. Lol I always was so strict with my position on that title. It's still so special to me, But this whole package of songs, All the organic sounds, mixed in with her voice, and melodies. It's Just...It's just such a experience, I haven't experienced in a long long time. Prob since first listening to Oops. So that feeling is a good indication. Lol
  9. UM! I just properly listened to the whole album! And I'm UM, just speechless! I heard clips last couple days on YouTube, and was really saving my self for Friday, but couldn't stand waiting anymore. I just want to say, I'm a poppy kind of guy and my fav album by Britney has always been Oops. But not until today. Glory officially takes over that spot. Just Wow. The production, The sound, The VOICE! I seriously have no words, it's everything I ever wanted from Britney! I'm so proud to be a fan. Wow.
  10. I need any kind of link please ?
  11. Someone please? Preferably a streaming link since I'm gonna purchase it anyway. Leo sent me link other night but by the time I downloaded was to late.
  12. Can someone pm me a link please?
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