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  1. I was like... 'Oh, October! That isn't SO BAD, I guess.' AND THEN I SAW THE DATE!
  2. I was expecting something not even close to what I heard. She hasn't lost her voice.
  3. It's been nice.  People have been so nice and welcoming. Although the weather is getting colder each day. More than when I'm use to. 

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    2. popmans1985


      Nope I haven't. By the way I'm a dude. 

    3. gimmemoarjosh


      I know you are a dude. Sis is an Internet thing. It's not serious, man. :)

    4. gimmemoarjosh


      How is your night?

  4. I am about to buy the damn Japanese album, to be honest. I need this in my hands!
  5. Second single, holy shit! Yes!
  6. There is an amazing link on the bay of pirates. Better than the one that was floating around here. All labelled!
  7. Umm... I am in Canada and got it.
  8. Is that you in your display picture? If so.... explain!
  9. I remember hearing about it but just now watched it. I don't get why that blew up and he was on Ellen. Maybe I am just too old because that shit wasn't even funny to me.
  10. I need to know the context of this GIF...

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