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  1. Honestly i've been staying out of this entire thing because so far everything is just speculation but the fact that this is now blowing up and her team isn't saying anything, and that the two girls who started this rumor haven't been contacted or sued is kind of suspicious... If this was all fake wouldn't her team sue them for libel? obviously i'm not a lawyer and we have no idea what's really going on but things just aren't adding up. If this was all fake it would be so easy to address and show that everything is fine. At the end of the day I think the two things we can ALL agree on are that there's more to this story than Britney's team wants us to know and that we all just want what's best for Britney.
  2. stan culture is so fucking embarrassing. How could you ever?
  3. I would imagine she's still contractually obligated to do the show once her father's health improves.
  4. Wow I had no idea... She definitely made the right choice and I wish her and her family the best. I also feel bad for the dancers, choreographers, etc who were working so hard for this show and wot get to see it though and for the fans who already bought tickets, flights, hotels, etc. just an all around horrible horrible situation
  5. But how dis bitch sing this well then sit her ass down and lip everytime. WHAT U DOING GIRL, WHAT U DOING?
  6. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! my bday is tomorrow so in pretending this was for me
  7. Some please PM me the link to the iTunes quality version!
  8. Can someone please just tell me which page to look at? I haven't heard anything
  9. Can someone PLEASE send me a link? This is my first time on since it leaked and I just want to listen
  11. Can someone post the YouTube of her performance again? I don't want to have to search through this entire thread
  12. Wish they would bring her back on stage and make a bigger deal out of the millennium award. I need people to see her in the blue dress!
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