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  1. it's the female writer whatever her name may be lol (melanie i think?)
  2. the female writer's vocals are still on it in some places
  3. 100k is actually pretty good given that bj debuted with 107k three years ago almost
  4. wait, just like me was the one registered but just luv me was the one she tweeted about?
  5. maybe gimme more? she filmed the video in july and the song leaked sometime in august?
  6. it has to come soon guys, the video is done.
  7. i say either friday or Monday announcement of some sorts.
  8. does she have writing credits on any of these do we know? I know one or two of those songs have that writing duo she was confirmed to be working with, right?
  9. i've been here since the circus era my post count means nothing tbh

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