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  1. Have any of you seen a concert in Wembley Stadium before?
  2. Sounds like a bunch of sound issues again for the second show
  3. All the articles I read are talking about a pretty major audio issues
  4. Aww, there are still lowers level decent seats for 146 pounds left. Section 120
  5. I saw the full set list when I typed in spiceworld and checked the insta stories. But accidentally closed out
  6. I don’t know if it’s on the same magnitude. But I remember it being huge news when she was going through her struggles. People thought she was being drugged or manipulated by the people around her, custody battles, etc.
  7. I want to say that Britney will always be my number 1. I love her to bits! I want nothing but happiness and the best for her, and I hope she is able to find that
  8. I don’t know, but Anna Nicole Smith popped in my mind.
  9. damn, at 2:36 gives you an idea on really how you can’t hear yourself
  10. I want olympics style spice up your life OMG!! Change you imagine?!?!?
  11. I hope the production of the show will be spectacular! I want props, fireworks, choreography!!
  12. I dunno, From the Jonathan Ross interview they said she’d be joining them there
  13. Sounds like Posh will be at the Sunderland show. Fingers crossed for wembley
  14. I think Ticketmaster was the issue. I should have gone on gigsandtours initially
  15. Going on friday! Any bmkers want to do a meet up?
  16. Also, is wembley not doing the circular stage. Why is it different?
  17. I have two spice up you life ViP saved, waiting to hear from Santiago. I hope he finds some

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