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  1. So she had 2 separate psych evals that said she should be free of it and she wasn’t?
  2. That protest is so embarrassing. When I clicked on the 2 gram girls were dancing.
  3. Apparently Wendy talked about it today, I can't find a video yet.
  4. Can we at least all admit that even if she did enter the facility herself, that the reason of being so sad about her Dad was BS from the beginning?
  5. Hmm that’s a beat around the bush response.
  6. Saw this on another site: Anthony (owner of Absolute Britney, and is really good friends with Fe) posted on Facebook “it’s finally coming out... #freebritney”
  7. In the pictures of her at In n Out with Sam, it looks like a bodyguards SUV behind them so I don't think she snuck out.
  8. IFFF all this is true, then this also shows that she does want to perform/be in the industry if her Dad knows he could use it to get her to take her meds or take the show away.
  9. Didn't Britney drive when her and David were dating?
  10. I wish 2004ney and Ariana could have met. They would have been the baddest, no fs given girls in the game.
  11. I love that she didn't do some generic intro like "this song is close to me hope you like it." I love when she's passionate about something.
  12. This is one of my favorite threads ever. Def. Deserves to be in classic moments.
  13. Adele cancelled her final 2 shows this weekend. Coincidence? I think not.
  14. Y'all are giving me life with these replies, I'm exhausted from laughing at them and crying at my Voaclist's singing.
  15. Black Widow was so good!!
  16. So Britney didn't even do the spoken intro part of WB?
  17. For real though, I've been giving this 1st single treatment all day. It's unbelieveable how good it is.
  18. I could play the "I'm in the palm of your hand" line for hours and it still not be enough.
  19. Wow, absolutely perfect. One of her best ever. I LOVE the bridge, her voice is heavenly!!
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