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  1. A lot of these are worth revisiting tbh. Not just for fan responses but for the purpose of investigating what really went down back then. I mean why was NappyTabs still promoting this show mere days/hours before it got cancelled?
  2. Yes... but not by anyone here? I don’t think anybody here agrees with how far this has gone and it just sounds like you’re blaming people here having a discussion for... all the craziness that’s happening completely outside of this forum.
  3. That’s what I’m afraid of. If this turns into a Circus situation where she’s in a 5150 hold one month and then naked in a music video sauna 6 months later then I’m out 😑
  4. I’m sorry, what? Why are you associating people here expressing their opinions with what this has turned into? By all means criticize delusional stans “protesting” on the side of the road and calling this a human rights violation... but I don’t think anyone here has done that?
  5. Yeah unfortunately that seems to be the case. And I don’t think we’re entitled to a full explanation of her illness and its severity, but at the same time it feels kind of weird supporting this machine that is her career without surefire confidence that she’s happy/healthy/etc. I think that’s why this is such a moment of reckoning for some fans.
  6. This is totally me on a tangent and I don’t think it really means anything; just something I’ve noticed. But in the spirit of timelines, have y’all noticed that things always seem to come to a head in the early part of the year? Like the January/February timeframe? 2002: breakup with Justin 2004: 55 hour marriage 2007: head shaving/rehab stay 2008: 5150 hold 2011: general FF era weirdness 2013: broken engagement with Jason 2019: allegedly misbehaving and getting put into a mental facility against her will
  7. Does this mean that journalists for these magazines have picked up on the story and are doing their own investigations? I’d be perfectly willing to move on from all this if legit outlets did their own research and proved these podcasters wrong.
  8. I’m here for both sides of the argument, but this is a very literal and to-the-letter interpretation of the speculation that’s happening. No, she can’t be “forced” by her conservators, but if she’s being blackmailed with her children then they can make her do anything... THEORETICALLY. Like, let’s be critical, but let’s also not miss the forest for the trees.
  9. You should treat it as investigative, instead of as a definitive statement about Britney’s life. Most of it is speculation, but they bring some important facts to the table and connect dots we may not have noticed.
  10. So is there any way I can hear this on my phone?
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