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  1. She clearly needed someone to step in and save her from herself and the media. Along the way she should have learned how to function with her diganosis and the trauma from the media. She's not a dumb person. This whole thing should have been temporary. And it appears to me that they are using the "crazy Britney" stigma and the custody of her children to keep a tight grip on her and she's just been pushing through the best she can. It's like she's surrounded by craftier Sam Luftis.
  2. Yes!!! She hit like 3 key spots and the way she ends love each time!
  3. When she sings "love" and ends it with a lil twang fausetto. DEAD
  4. I was literally screaming in my bathroom watching this! Like, girl where you been? We welcome you with open arms!
  5. Love the " You Got it All" performance
  6. This holy bitch!!!! I'm gonna need her, a stool, and an acoustic guitar on stage playing pronto!
  7. I feel you. I have no die hard Britney fans in my life.
  8. My lost feeling in my entire body. And I mean that!
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