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  1. There were a few people who asked for it so I edited it for them ?
  2. Oh ok I do that tomorrow and post it!
  3. So I took out the chorus with the ad libs that aren't Brit Brit and replaced it with the first chorus http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/FB5ZfC5P/file.html
  4. Isn't the one we have HQ??
  5. Who's making the first mega mix of the album??
  6. Just came across this fanmade cover.....
  7. Can we get a thread that has all the fan made covers?
  8. Ooooo please PM me as well ?
  9. Oh fuck of course when I'm not gonna be home until later.....please someone PM me the link too
  10. Sounds magical in my car ??

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