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  1. What did Geri sing “Easy V doesn’t come for free “ and then Mel b laughed
  2. Not sure what I said to illicit this response . I meant that some of the fanbase fighting for this are thinking oh they’ll get primney back if she’s free and that is not what this is about. This is about Britney’s health and I don’t think it’s our battle to fight something we don’t know anything about . Call me ignorant but I think her family does want what is best for her and I think her dad fights on her behalf. I agree 100% with what you said ... and I just hope some of her fans don’t think she owes them something. Because Britney does not owe anyone anything. She
  3. Can you imagine the backlash from fans towards her after this movement if she actually does appear healthy and happy .. they’ll be like you owe us . It’s kinda scary ...
  4. Britney will have so writer a letter . The only way out of this for her team ... is she to own up and present the narrative with more truth than Jamie was sick. They have to address the elephant in the room if they want the brand to continue. If she Retires than this all Doesn’t matter ... she cant be thrown back in the spot light without anyone addressing this ... she has to write a letter about mental health , bipolar , being the best , her kids first , family helps but they argue , loves performing , fans don’t need to worry ... similar to
  5. 20 bucks Britney has no idea this is happening
  6. Plot twist - How about Jamie got sick, she stopped taking her meds, fell into a depression ... Wallet resigns cause he thinks she may die/do something to herself while off the meds ... so they put her in a facility till she is mentally better and perhaps to ween her off the meds and make sure she is stable enough to not harm herself ... Britney team needs to control the narrative without putting so much spotlight on her because it causes her extreme anxiety and makes things worse . So they paint a pretty picture of her feeling down about her dad
  7. The courts would not allow her to be taken advantage of
  8. Love her when she realizes she a singer ... this reminds me of the BOMT era , she's so flawless when she sings the way she wants .. also lol at her saying she's never spoken about media scruinity before ... the first ten years of her career was all she talked about
  9. I wish this would've happened on carpool karaoke
  10. It's crazy to me that she has a voice like that but they made her sing like .. I almost think it could've been intentional that they didn't want her real talent to show ... would be crazy if they revamped her image as a real singer moving forward .. Eveyrhting Britney was debatable ... did she know how to sing, was she a virgin, was she innocent, did she know what she was doing , did she get implants blah blah blah ... interesting nonetheless
  11. Better than this imo funny enough I thought when she spoke her mic was turned up higher but I guess that's really what she sounds like when she talks at POM that voice with studio magic ... would be amazing ... waiting for her to lyp to Adele like vocals on the next for run ...
  12. Omg this is the best birthday present ever she did this intentionally to shut up the haters after the lyp syncing comment ... omg she may be ready to prove she can sing . omg
  13. I always pictured Make Me with a kinda corny britney concept. But basically her putting on a wig getting dressed .. going to a bar alone getting hit on, they make out heavily, hook up in his truck .. they go back to "his place" an as they make out going up stairs to the bedroom we begin to realize it's the same bedroom britney was getting ready in ... then we see picture frames of her and the dude as a couple and we come to realize they are married with kids and trying to re-spark the marriage with role play and he was her husband all along .. oh well
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