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  1. I really need a studio version of that Holler remix.
  2. After seeing a ton of videos from the show, Victoria was not needed. She literally would have added nothing to the show and woulda probably ended up slowing down the other girls.
  3. I tried not to obsess over this thread because it breaks my heart not being able to go but I ended up seeing all the rehearsal footage from Instagram and damn, looks to be an amazing show. That new Holler mix sounds fire.
  4. My friends were asking me about this as well. I sorta explained what was going on and they mentioned that when Britney decides to/feels ready to continue her career, all eyes are gonna be on her and whatever she decides to release because for better or worse, people are talking about her again. Obviously, her well being is priority here whatever the truth may be
  5. Cause I'm sure conversations about previous weed use is right on top of her pre-approved topics right? I mean, I would understand if we were in the midst of Femme Fatale press tour but her questions weren't as restricted with Glory. And even then, re: restricted questions. First of all, that is nothing new in Hollywood. Britney isn't the only one that has them regardless of conservatorship or not. Second of all, I firmly believe questions are restricted for Britneys sake. She suffers from anxiety as she herself has mentioned. It's a lot easier to get through a press run if you have a simple script memorized.
  6. You guys right now.... I hope you guys realize how hurtful this would be to Britney if this turns out to be bullshit. You're being just as bad as Perez and TMZ were back in 2007. Just saying.
  7. They gained quite a bit of followers with their last podcast episode that sorta went viral in the Britney community. Why not double down on what made people most interested in the first place? Supposed insider information and the ongoing conspiracy regarding the conservatorship Obviously, it's working as people are buying into it as we can see in this thread. Regarding what they have to gain? Who knows. Infamy within the Britney community? Hope that some big media outlet will pick up what they're saying and give them 5 minutes of fame.
  8. I don't doubt there may be a bit of truth in all of this (she wants out of the conservatorship) but this podcast is just WAY too sensationalized to take seriously, sorry. These girls know exactly what to say to twist a narrative and they know the trigger points any Britney fans have regarding the Cship. Like, the overall tone of the podcast comes off like one of those conspiracy videos you'd find on YouTube. "9/11 was an inside job" "Vaccinating Your Children Will Cause Autism"
  9. Ariana's performance was fine. Y'all are doing the most as always. People were living for it. 🙄
  10. My heart goes out to Britney and her family. Hopefully Jamie is able to pull through whatever it is he's going through. I really hope that media don't spin this into "She wasn't selling so she was forced to cancel the residency" bullshit.
  11. Oh man. Really hope they take this internationally. I don't know if I can do UK.
  12. Ok...so what was Britney's goal with this? Not that I mind, but did she just wake up and decide "GEE! I REALLY WANNA SING LIVE AND PROVE THESE CRITICS WRONG" I wonder if the Super Bowl rumors were true and she's proving to them that she can in fact sing live or if she has something else in mind that needed live singing proof?
  13. Holy shit! I just got home, kinda tipsy as fuck and this kinda just sobered me the fuck up. THAT WAS AMAZING! AHHHHH
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