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  1. This! I don't know why I feel so relieve to know that the tour will go on. The world needs the SP. I mean. More than ever. The are so unique. It goes beyond understanding. Force of nature.
  2. Grammy never cared about the it girl or what is cool. As far as I can remember (i.e. early 2000 with Brit), they have followed a certain path, that we agreed with or not. At the end of the day, this is what makes the Grammy the Grammy. If i am 100% honest, I truly beleive that Taylor gave/have received m enough the last couple years (and is putting her couple first), Drake is a none event when it comes to awards shows (can you remember the last award show he attended to?) and Ariana, I mean, her last couple songs are great and she got the new way to be hot nowadays, but is she really somethi
  3. 3 Wembley dates is huge! Happy for them. Now time for North America dates!
  4. Is it just me that can't find any proper link?
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