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  1. Music Man

    Ariana Ariana Grande drags the Grammys on Twitter

    Grammy never cared about the it girl or what is cool. As far as I can remember (i.e. early 2000 with Brit), they have followed a certain path, that we agreed with or not. At the end of the day, this is what makes the Grammy the Grammy. If i am 100% honest, I truly beleive that Taylor gave/have received m enough the last couple years (and is putting her couple first), Drake is a none event when it comes to awards shows (can you remember the last award show he attended to?) and Ariana, I mean, her last couple songs are great and she got the new way to be hot nowadays, but is she really something? Is someone really gonna miss her on Sunday? Like, she's no Adele, Gaga, Taylor or Britney. The pop scene got so boring that it makes Ariana exciting . Are we collectively there?
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    Is it just me that can't find any proper link?