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  1. Your brain really is wired a different way...it’s called a double standard, not bringing Britney down.
  2. Not true. Please go back to 2003/2004...there were times she was “bratty.” You’re blinded by your opinion. Plus, what Ariana doing is not bratty...again that word is terrible. She’s finding her voice...guess that’s bratty to you. No man would be described as bratty in this situation.
  3. I’m sorry, I’m going to say something that probably isn’t going to be well received....Ariana is what early/mid 20’s....in the vacuum of superstardom, everywhere, with a shit ton of personal issues, she is trying to navigate. Her actions may be a bit, questionable, but she’s figuring out life on a huge stage. Sound familiar? Britney did some very questionable things post-Justin, pre-children. She rebelled, found her voice, questioned authority, etc. She even said/did some things that were “bratty.” (I hate that fucking word, btw.) Some of ya’ll need to give this girl some credit and stop being so damn hypocritical.
  4. She won AOTY right when she went full pop star...
  5. She the biggest thing in music right now with multiple number 1 songs and an album that’s going to obliterate streaming records. She’s fine.
  6. I don't know if it's Sam or what but the past year has been a resurrection for her. Award show performances, live singing, passion for fitness, etc. I really think Sam encourages her and is on an equal plane with her.
  7. I agree with this. Producers always say she's a chameleon in the studio regarding what she can do to her voice, but that probably doesn't translate live. Rearranging some of her old hits could really help.
  8. It was like being transported back to BOMT
  9. That voice Lynn said she always hoped would return is back.
  10. This little bitch was in her the whole time... (Oh and this is literally Jayden in drag.)
  11. That PR staff member should get a fucking raise and a corner office.