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  1. This is way out of hand and it has been perpetuated to an extreme with little to no factual information.
  2. I hope some of y’all are self evaluating the bullshit you engaged in.
  3. I’m trying not to give them the listen/views but I watched a few minutes of that interview and became somewhat angered so turned it off.
  4. Those Britney Gram girls are essentially the 2019 version of 2007 paparazzi...clinging to a woman’s mental illness to make a buck. It’s disgusting.
  5. Overall I think we don’t have nearly enough information for me to make an educated and logical opinion on the matter. I do think Britney has “relapsed” to a bad mental state and that breaks my heart. I also believe she has a family that cares deeply for her. I think it’s not one or the other extreme, it’s the area in between. Britney wanted Domination, Vegas was a happy place for her personally and professionally. Something happened that changed her mental state very quickly, her team tried the best they could to “cover it up” to protect her own privacy and the brand...fair. For just as many “sad” videos and pictures there are of her over the last decade there are happy videos and pictures. Overall I don’t think we have nearly enough factual information to warrant this kind of response. There are so many well educated people here and some of the responses I’ve seen, this mob mentality where they only hear what they want to hear and aren’t evaluating all credible information, is surprising.
  6. For real though...I don’t even know how I feel about all this and where I stand. I’m still trying to process what facts we have but some people’s actions/reactions to this...people who I’ve thought highly of for years and always saw as a voice of reason...are going off the deep end. I guess it’s a testimony to Britney’s loyal fanbase but half the time I’m just .
  7. For the first time I am embarrassed by this fan base... Good fucking Lord...
  8. This whole thing has shown very questionable and embarrassing actions on both sides. We are better than this.
  9. No. Your own life is not Britney’s life. I’m not diminishing your life but that’s not evidence.
  10. This is my gripe. You have NO evidence. I’m all for a conversation but this is no better than perpetuating any other conspiracy theory.
  11. I’m all for inquiry but some of ya’ll are acting like you just have taken an internship with InfoWars.
  12. Honestly, I don’t think Beyoncé cares...and yes, at this point she is sort of above it. Literally on self-titled she said, “probably won’t make no money off this...oh well” and “I don’t trust these record labels, I’m touring.” Taylor, probably, but if she had to choose, you bet your ass she would choose selling stadiums over streaming/sales.
  13. Not to mention U2, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, the list goes on... Nothing is a given , but these “legacy” acts have a following regardless of streaming that crosses generations.
  14. I didn’t say chart success...I said streaming numbers. However it’s pretty clear Beyoncé doesn’t care about single success given her last two albums. She has also made comments that people don’t make “albums” anymore and the industry is so focus on one-off single success. Beyonce and Taylor didn’t feel the need to release their previous albums immediately to all streaming platforms...so yes, it’s clear they don’t care too heavily about streaming numbers as opposed to touring. Having a #1 song and/or album looks good on paper...but selling out stadiums consistently actually brings in the paper.
  15. This. Who gives a hell about streaming numbers when you are selling out stadiums? Taylor, Beyoncé, and Madonna can’t be bothered.
  16. Ariana needs a new creative team. She’s outgrown those twins.
  17. Your brain really is wired a different way...it’s called a double standard, not bringing Britney down.
  18. Not true. Please go back to 2003/2004...there were times she was “bratty.” You’re blinded by your opinion. Plus, what Ariana doing is not bratty...again that word is terrible. She’s finding her voice...guess that’s bratty to you. No man would be described as bratty in this situation.
  19. I’m sorry, I’m going to say something that probably isn’t going to be well received....Ariana is what early/mid 20’s....in the vacuum of superstardom, everywhere, with a shit ton of personal issues, she is trying to navigate. Her actions may be a bit, questionable, but she’s figuring out life on a huge stage. Sound familiar? Britney did some very questionable things post-Justin, pre-children. She rebelled, found her voice, questioned authority, etc. She even said/did some things that were “bratty.” (I hate that fucking word, btw.) Some of ya’ll need to give this girl some credit and stop being so damn hypocritical.
  20. She won AOTY right when she went full pop star...
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