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  1. If any fans thought they weren’t cancelled before, ❌🚯❌.
  2. I don’t buy it as this clearly looks like a woman who WANTS to be on stage . On HER terms.
  3. ET just got cancelled from future Britney exclusives
  4. A friend of mine who doesn’t follow her or the every move of celebs asked me what was going on with Britney & I officially knew this had gone mainstream. Im not team everything is ok & the official line/handling of this the past 11 years is fine, but I’m also not some conspiracy theorist who believes her own FAMILY is holding her in a facility against her will. It’s all very confusing, deep, & personal. I just hope & pray she’s ok.
  5. Nothing, the desperation of these #freebritney fans is real tho.
  6. D-list rappers unite, first Eve now Iggy. What’s next asking for comment from a steamin’ pot full of vegetables?
  7. This whole thing just makes me hurt for Britney
  8. There’s a reason mainstream entertainment magazines are not speculating, they don’t have the proper sourcing or coroberating evidence to support the #FreeBritney claims.
  9. The tea is exceptionally strong today isn’t it
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