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  1. If any fans thought they weren’t cancelled before, ❌🚯❌.
  2. I don’t buy it as this clearly looks like a woman who WANTS to be on stage . On HER terms.
  3. ET just got cancelled from future Britney exclusives
  4. A friend of mine who doesn’t follow her or the every move of celebs asked me what was going on with Britney & I officially knew this had gone mainstream. Im not team everything is ok & the official line/handling of this the past 11 years is fine, but I’m also not some conspiracy theorist who believes her own FAMILY is holding her in a facility against her will. It’s all very confusing, deep, & personal. I just hope & pray she’s ok.
  5. Nothing, the desperation of these #freebritney fans is real tho.
  6. D-list rappers unite, first Eve now Iggy. What’s next asking for comment from a steamin’ pot full of vegetables?
  7. This whole thing just makes me hurt for Britney
  8. There’s a reason mainstream entertainment magazines are not speculating, they don’t have the proper sourcing or coroberating evidence to support the #FreeBritney claims.
  9. The tea is exceptionally strong today isn’t it
  10. This #FreeBritney is really going viral/mainstream. Wow.
  11. Praying for Britney 🙏🏻 👸🏼 it was very obvious not all was as it appeared between the time of the Domination launch event to that fateful Instagram post. I hope she is able to live her life as SHE sees fit, not for her father, her management, or her fans.
  12. reputation just wasn’t as good as 1989 & that’s ok
  13. You realize every post doesn’t have to live up your username? 🙄
  14. I was going opening night. So bummed. Praying for Jamie’s healing & Britney as he continues the road to recovery.
  15. Something did seem off with the lack of hype, strategy, & promo outside a few Instagram videos. Especially a little over a month out. Unless things were just about to ramp up. She also was very quiet on insta over the holidays & last couple months honestly. Clearly had other things on her mind/plate.
  16. I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family. We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me,” said Ms. Spears. This truly shows that she credits him for saving her life. 😢 I hope he gets better.
  17. Omg when I started to read the first tweet on twitter I thought she was retiring!
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