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  1. They said they called his job to confirm their source works there.
  2. Did anyone notice this was released? Love her.
  3. Oh there was plenty of thirsty admiration complementing him. Whether you consider that prays for Adam or not is not the point though, the point is that he will not be slut shamed. He will not have to have shows canceled on him. He will not lose out on contracts. And that is bullshit.
  4. But do you really think Maroon 5 will be frowned upon moving forward for it? Or whispers will spread in the industry shaming him or his band? The performance was safe at best, but everyone praised Adam for removing his shirt. It’s ridiculous.
  5. YEEEES! More “Free Me” than anything hopefully, love that sound.
  6. Actually their point was "only 4, need one more" 😛
  7. Worst case: sellout dates with a recorded show Best case: tour gets extended to a world tour with a stop near Miami 🙏
  8. Enjoyed that so much. I see through your strategy Brit, voice Rest since 2001 in order to keep that wonderful voice while the other hags deteriorate. Brilliant. Epic queen. With those 1999 vocals
  9. Uh this is SO good. For once it pays off having insomnia.
  10. Love that fanmade, I was working on one but this is so much better Glad you liked it @eddie not sure if after my one listen I'm ready to claim best Britney album ever, you were the only other person to be TeamOops with me lol
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