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  1. Can I just say it's a bit concerning that NONE of Britney's family members including her mom and sister publicly denied any of the allegations? That raises concern that whatever happening has some truth to it
  2. I don't understand hows this her first Grammy , but congrats ! She shd have been there to receive the award
  3. I say let's celebrate instead of dwelling , post some of her favorite performances by her .. As much as we wanted her to do it , It wasn't gonna be something new or something she hasnt done in a while .. This could free her schedule and make her focus on fam and make new music as well. I'll start
  4. Ruptured colon and a serious condition makes me think of obstructing colonic tumor .. wish him a good recovery This makes me respect her so much
  5. Katy is at number 6! Brit is number 1 .. I dont think we have anything to worry about for a while
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