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  1. I don't enjoy speaking about my own issues I've always been very private about it mainly because I don't want pity because I don't feel sorry for myself infact I'm happy because it's made me stronger and the person I am today. But I was basically born sick due to the fact I was born prematurely. Because of that my life has been filled with obstacles surgeries etc. When I was young I was fine with everything because I was naive but then 2006 rolled around I was about 14 here and that's when my life just went spiraling out of control due to so many different things that happened that year. That
  2. This is true very true. I don't think her family has held her against her will infact I think she is still here because of them. Is she unhappy at time probably. Having suffered from mental illness myself I know there are days you are totally fine and happy and give your all and then there are days where you could care less and want to crawl back into bed. Those are my extremes sometimes I get worse depending on the day and situation so magnify that by 100 it's way worse for Britney. The fact she's done so well for so long is amazing. Do I think she's been affected on stage by all this maybe y
  3. Basically. I think alot of us are trying to say that but just have been unable to. Personally what i was trying to convey in my own comment was that we can't deny that Britney never fully went back to being herself but the fact she's still on this earth today is only due to her family. Yes maybe they made mistakes along the way maybe she became too controlled idk but we all can agree Britney isn't well and hasn't been for a while but I think we can all unanimously say that all we want is for Britney to come out of this fully healthy and fully happy. I just want some day in the future to see he
  4. I mean I don't deny that I'm sure to some extent Britney hasn't been thrilled with the conservatorship and I'm sure she's had bad days and days she's wanted to throw in the towel in which I understand. While I don't know what Britney has I myself have had depression for 12 years so I get how Britney might be feeling some days and I'm sorry for judging her so much all these years. Alot of stuff that didn't make sense at the time do now(how she would do so well in rehearsals she'd get on stage and idk what would happen...what's the right word she seemed to not even try/care not to mention the od
  5. PM it to me please somebody.
  6. For those who wanted it the full show is now out in HD http://sharemania.us/threads/the-2016-billboard-music-awards-full-show-hdtv-720p.27537/
  7. This is the best I can do for you for now in terms of the full show http://sharemania.us/threads/2016-billboard-music-awards-may-22-2016-feed-1080i-mpa2-0-rt-v-k-hdmania.27502/
  8. I have no clue I've seen her do this live and she always sounds flawless. Either way she is a true icon
  9. My mom back in the day adored Brit. She just watched the performance with me and she just told me she thought Brit was a lot better now then a few years back (aka BBMA's 2011) but she thought that she was still a tiny bit stiff but she told me something which is true I think. She said cause I love her so much and know her performances backwards and forwards I notice her improvements more so whereas people who may remember Brit from 2001 won't see how great this was. She also noticed how much comfy Brit is in sneakers then in heels (she's seen the GM performance from Vegas) I thought it was a p
  10. She needed to do the full WB choreo but besides that it was perfect and maybe some of the transitions were a little weird. I loved that she did the slave breakdown and omg I am floored by the new toxic choreo I hope that wasn't just for the BBMA's it needs to be part of the residency. I screamed during the womanizer breakdown I started crying haha
  11. Well Celine arrived at the T-Mobile Arena not sure if she's doing the red carpet seeing as it looks like she's already inside changing?
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