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  1. I've kept quiet re: this situation, since I got shit on for discussing her mental health (Hmm..) , but this is troubling. This doesn't sound like a person who needs to be in the industry. If you have to be drugged up to be around strangers, to take some pictures.. what are they afraid is going to happen? I'm having trouble coming up with any cause for concerns/potential dangers her team may have that aren't there when she's performing or doing 1 on 1s like with Graham or Mario Lopez. Anyone?
  2. Like srsly, yall about to make me hate Mood Ring; shading flawless classics like MOTM and HTFY.
  3. "Just Like Me" gives me BBTM teas. Listen to "Shameless".
  4. PM ME LUVS! Pleeeeease
  5. OMG I don't have access to a PC or iPhone!!!!!!
  6. THIS. All I was looking for. Especially during Slave, the FACE she served!!
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