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  1. Is that usual spot for protests? It looks like random insignificant street corner
  2. Im not saying that her father is the right person to control her life, he is just the closest fit...until her boys become adults... I don't think her mom or little sister can do better job... And yeah her PR team messed up this situation...their explanation (wellness facility) is extremely offensive...
  3. Mentally ill people do usually feel caged and misunderstood (don't want to take medications, blame their handlers for everything)... I have one friend who was hospitalized many times and she always talks trash about her sister who takes care of her... ( And honestly she is the only one who wants to be near her when her episodes start) Maybe Britney's mind is in different dimension and without drugs she is completely unstable for normal life plus it is hard to know what she really wants when whole world is operating on different level... What freebritney really means? Do we
  4. I feel like freebritney movement is totally insane Mental illness (that got her under conservatorship) will never go away.. i don't believe that her father forced her to perform...her doctors probably know more than conspirators...she needs routine and that's what they gave her... freedom is just an illusion and mental health would probably just suffer without regular commitments...
  5. Im confused....why did her mom like those freebritney comments Im lost and worried 😥
  6. hard to forget ya will get some hate in the future it's a track just for a few listens
  7. so britney was on stage just once for opening performance?
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