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  1. I’m petty 100%. So, seeing Geri rejoin the band every opportunity she gets, makes me feel so vindicated. YOU AIN’T SELLING OUT STADIUMS ON YOUR OWN NOW, ARE YOU GERI?
  2. It makes my heart so happy to know that these songs are being sung in stadiums again. ❤️
  3. Weekend Love is underrated. So is all of Forever (sans Oxygen which is disposable).
  4. This looks AMAZING. The set list looks great. No Headlines though?
  5. So exciting. Now I need them to come to the US, so @Santiagoand I can have our Spice Girls moment.
  6. I’m far too busy subjecting my students to my online personality. But they can wait. Brb ubering to Louisiana.
  7. Waiting for the creative spin the pro-conservatorship side is going to whip up. Like... literally on the EDGE of my seat.
  8. Don't you understand, you dumbass? You can either be ALL in on Britney ALL the time and love everything she says and does and endlessly support everything that happens in her life without a second thought or hesitation even though there might be some red flags, or you hate her and you should never talk. It could NOT be clearer. You cannot be concerned and still love her. That just doesn't work. What are you missing?
  9. Can you post this again? Cause there are several individuals that need to get this tattooed on the inside of their eyelids. Thank you. 🧡
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