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  1. 3 minutes ago, Kaz said:

    Shouldn't you be busying yourself with organizing the protest outside Britney's church in Kentwood? Damn you! Insubordination! Why don't you take that seat and edge it all the way over to the mental health facility and use it to break in? 



    I’m far too busy subjecting my students to my online personality. But they can wait. Brb ubering to Louisiana.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Kaz said:

    Honestly wtf 😂 just because we are questioning the way things appear, doesn’t mean we are sending WhatsApp messages to Britney’s friends and family asking them for clarification! It’s some crazed, idiotic fans and I truly don’t think anyone here would do that, or that the more vocal of us have been involved in the crazies taking it way too far, I think we can agree on that!

    Don't you understand, you dumbass? You can either be ALL in on Britney ALL the time and love everything she says and does and endlessly support everything that happens in her life without a second thought or hesitation even though there might be some red flags, or you hate her and you should never talk. It could NOT be clearer. You cannot be concerned and still love her. That just doesn't work. What are you missing?

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  3. 1 minute ago, Sergio said:

    Y’all need to take several steps back. No one in here is harassing friends and family members online. We’re just worried that things might not be as they seem and that their family/management might not have the best interests for her. We aren’t protesting or anything.

    Can you post this again? Cause there are several individuals that need to get this tattooed on the inside of their eyelids. Thank you. 🧡

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  4. Just now, Sloan said:

    I truly hope you aren’t like this with your students and this is just your online persona. You do not handle criticism very well and enjoy to point fingers, deflect, etc.  I admit you are good at it but if you want to make a point about something more people would respond better to what you say.  I said what I said and I stick to it also.  

    Reporting you.

  5. 1 hour ago, Sloan said:

    The irony that you mention us all being adults yet gotta throw a shady comment in insinuating that some people here play with freakin Barbie dolls.  

    So shady comments are reserved for children? “Delete your account.” I said what I said, and I stand by it, and choosing to focus on that part, when I said more than that also speaks volumes, and reemphasizes my point. If you think for a second that I wasn’t being sarcastic and hyperbolic, well, bless your heart. You do you, girl.


    PS. I made a typo in my original post and I’m calling myself out, so can someone report me for self-bullying?

  6. 1 hour ago, Trey said:


    The common sense jumped out. 


    And on the other side, the delusion has never been fuller in force. In my opinion, some of y'all need to take the stan glasses off for a minute, like most of us have, and try to observe everything we know in its entirety... not while Britney is blasting in the background as you reenact a video with her 1999 Barbie.


    It's 2019. We're all legally adults here at this point. Let's talk about what we know, and not just live inside our Britney bubble.

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