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  1. You’re dead to me. #FakeSpiceGirlsFansOnHereToo #ImOut
  2. These years are, overflowing, never knowing flyyyy.
  3. PERF! It's going to be awesome. We should coordinate for ticket purchasing, but we got time since it's not till Saturday.
  4. Always. I was thinking the 15th, yes. Unless you really think they're going to announce a world tour. Either way, I think I'll be traveling since Florida gets snubbed more often than not.
  5. I would just like the record to reflect that I didn't mention the M word once. That is all. Thank you.
  6. That was super cute. Maybe Victoria will be willing to film some interludes for the tour?
  7. I’m really excited for the tour, but I really hope we at least get one new song. An album would be GREAT, but I’d even settle for an EP or GH with 3 new songs and maybe a remix or 2 of Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life.
  8. Release all 500 songs. Now... hear me out. One each month for the next 41ish years. Cut to me at 67 waiting for track 500 to be released in the store in our brains. Just kidding. None of us will be alive in 41 years. LOL.
  9. You just know me so well. I love that she can't wink.
  10. As a Cuban, I feel this. Also, I love (what I'm assuming are) the body guards.
  11. 14. Cry - There's just something about this song that feels so 2000s to me. 13. Kiss It Better - Underrated. So much attitude. So fucking smooth. 12. Close To You - Heart fucking breaking. Vocals are maybe some of her strongest ever to be honest. 11. Unfaithful - Much like cry, it's so 2000s. That chorus is... a murderer. 10. Complicated - I love the instrumental. I love the lyrics. It's such a happy sad song. 9. Hard - From the first time I heard this track, I called it my angry song. SO MUCH ATTITUDE. I love it. 8. Push Up On Me - Probably the first Rihanna non
  12. I don't know if this is a new feature or not, but look at me all up on your activity feed.


  13. Now that we've had 9 wonderful pages... I have to say, if she ~always sang live~ as she claims to, how would her singing this live be ~giving us something to talk about~? The fact that she actually sang live is what makes us talk. My fave doesn't give a fuck about continuity, truth, fiction, or anything in between.
  14. Wow. This will go down as THE moment from this residency. So proud of her.
  15. I'm done. She has such a soulful voice. USE IT BITCH!
  16. Every. Single. Time. It. Comes. On.
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