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  1. Look in the mirror Who do I see? Who do I wanna be today? If you came for a show Which role should I take? Fading to grey So did we make a big mistake? True colors'll show Baby, just put me on display every. fucking. lyric. in. this. song. is. phenomenal. and a proper fucking bridge. I can't. OMG. THIS SONG. I'm so glad we got it a little bit after the album leak. It didn't get lost in the shuffle, and I appreciate it SO much more because of it. One of her all time best.
  2. I got her to cover Shadow on Facebook. Back in the day on MySpace, she told me how she recorded background vocals for Circus before it was even announced. She also told me that there is still one more Femme Fatale track that she did background vocals for that hasn't been released. We lost touch recently though. I miss her. </3 But Britney's back, so that's alright.
  3. I'm pretty sure they wanted
  4. I stuck by her after Britney Jean, so I fucking earned Glory, thank you very much.
  5. I get so firey when people used to defend Britney Jean a while ago, because YOU out of anyone knows HOW big a fan of Myah I was. Like she's still in my top 5 artists on last.fm because of HOW much I used to listen to her. Battery is fucking amazing.
  6. Y'all, 95% of the time, there are other PEOPLE on Britney's tracks. Whether it's background vocalists, impersonators, or adlibtionists, it's hardly EVER just Brit Brit. Britney Jean deserves all the shit it gets, but Mood Ring is awesome. If you don't like the adlibs, remove them, but they're not a Britney Jean type of situation. Like, Work Bitch is definitely Myah all throughout bridge, and you all LOVE it.
  7. Still one of the best. More of this moving forward please. This track deserves performances, videos, gifs, covers, EVERYTHING. Fucking perfect.
  8. I still cannot get over the way she says "nothing." CLASSIC BRITNEY!
  9. Still obsessed. This may be the biggest injustice in her career.
  10. Yeah, I've had this on repeat. So hot.
  11. Phrase I'm going to start using to refer to people and things I love tbh.
  12. omg. imma little drunk right now. andlistening to this song while tipsy or whatever is like EVERYTHING. also, beats by dr. dre are obnoxious and hugt, but the sound cquality is SO GOOD. like id on't think i can go back. MOOOOOOOD RING MOOOOOOOOD SWINGS. she did it. she fucking did it AGAIN. kill me.
  13. I totally see her making this face when lip syncing to "NOTHING on my body" I couldn't find a less obnoxious gif, but yeah.
  14. I can't wait to fucking be able to play this in my car in fucking December. TT My mom's reaction to the song, "Esta bonita la canción ??" Can she BE any more basic?
  16. This should take the Missy Elliot break in B:POM. Dust off the Alien/Perfume stool and give us those "vocals." It just deserves to be heard by the masses.
  17. OH. MY. GOD. That was easily the best song on the whole album. Easily one of the best songs she's released EVER. This is just easily one of the best songs recorded in history. I love the way she said "nothing" THE ADLIBS! THE WAY THE CHORUS CHANGES, AS IT SHOULD WITH THE PROGRESSION OF THE SONG. She killed me. I need a second listen.
  18. I've been thinking the same thing but have been refusing to bring it up.
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