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  2. I wanna fuck someone to Just Luv Me so bad.
  3. Yeah, it's 1:20am. Definitely going to bed after this last go round. if i'm dancing, if i'm dancing, if i'm dancing
  4. Ray of Light and Glory. so good so good so damn so good
  5. Same, same, same. ooh ooh ooh ooooooooh
  6. Invitation man. It really is the PERFECT opener for this incredible album. It's like, Alien opens Britney Jean, but it gives you ZERO sense of where the album is actually going. SO misleading. Thank you Invitation. Thank you Glory. Make Me... is still fucking flawless. I still need the original video to be able to get the visuals of the new choreo/official video outta my mind. Thank God for only ONE FEATURE. Thank God for 17 tracks. Thank God for no remixes. Thank God for the mature lyrics. Thank God for some actual bridges. Thank God for the midtempo album of our FUCKI
  7. "Yes or no, but no maybe's Not gonna beg, so don't make me" I mean... excuse me...
  8. If I knew the Titanic was going down, I would have gotten Circus and Femme Fatale arrested before boarding. On the other hand, I would have upgraded Britney Jean's cabin.
  9. And ending with a song sung in French. I can't wait to be able to just sing along to this and freak everyone the fuck out. GLORY is the PERFECT title for this MASTERPIECE.
  10. If I'm Dancing is fucking euphoric. Like... WHAT? So fucking experimental. I love when she pulls this shit.
  11. LIAR IS MASSIVE It's seriously a monster. This should be a single. I really fucking love it so much, probably cause I can relate to it so much, but the way she says "liar" the whole "you know I know that you know I know" and just everything. It's a perfect song. It's really fucking great. GOD. HER. VOCALS. I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE PRAISED BRITNEY'S VOCALS SO MUCH IN A 2016 ALBUM. My queen. Setting me straight. Thank you God.
  12. Change Your Mind should play during a scene in a movie where the girl is about the seduce the guy and she's trying different lingerie or some shit. It's such a sexy song.
  13. Better makes me want to fuck all of my friends. Better may be the best vocals on the album. The chorus' oh-oh-oh's are THE BEST. Should've been on the standard, but then again, B's bonus tracks are always stellar, so yeah.
  14. What You Need is something I would have seen her doing a decade ago. Never did I think she would release something like that in 2016. She really proved herself BIG. TIME. And the, "That was fun," is something straight out of OIDIA. What a great way to end the standard edition.
  15. I appreciate Hard To Forget Ya's legit bridge and so much attitude and vocals. Damn. She kills it.
  16. Love Me Down is A FUCKING JAM. One that deserves to be blasted on EVERY RADIO STATION ON THIS EARTH AND OUTER SPACE.
  17. Woah. Just Like Me. Just really paid attention to the lyrics. Full body goosebumps. If she went through this, my heart breaks for her. Fuck anyone who has ever cheated on BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS. The song is though. DAMN. I cannot believe this is a BRITNEY SPEARS song.
  18. Slumber Party is INSANE. The I I I's and igh igh ight's DRIVE ME CRAZY. And the adlibs for the final chorus are SO. FUCKING. GOOD.
  19. I am SO fucking grateful for Do You Wanna Come Over? I know we've had it for like a couple of days now, but within the context of the album, it's still SUCH a standout. So glad she's performing it in Vegas. So glad it exists. Definitely gives the album a little extra umph.
  20. I can appreciate Clumsy more now within the context of the album.
  21. Just Luv Me with headphones is ORGASMIC. The production on the song is INSANE. And her VOCALS omg. The uh uh oh oh's before the bridge are
  22. Man On The Moon is definitely out of this world. The melody is .
  23. Make Me... is still gold. So glad it was the first single. THE FACT THAT WE ONLY GOT ONE FEATURE THOUGH! YESSSSSS! Private Show is still so cute.
  24. Listening with my Beats. Invitation may be the best album opener of her career.
  25. Definitely her most personal album. #oops
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