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  1. this is making my heart palpitate irregularly. britney, i fucking love you.
  2. i really fucking hope this isn't a one off and she continues it for every show and switches up the song then sings her own songs live. OMG BITCH WHY DIDN'T YOU START DOING THIS YEARS AGO. THIS WOULD'VE MADE VEGAS A SHIT LOAD MORE TOLERABLE. ? this is honestly making me excited to be a fan again, i feel like i've been cruising through on a stale cracker for some time, but this has changed things
  3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! for the first time in foreverrrrr.... i feel like a stan again. i'm in awe
  4. i'm seeing life differently now.
  5. needs to be in classic moments!
  6. the difference with toxic is, i can see britney back then giving that note a try and realising she can't do it then agreeing with cathy that she's better suited at doing it. a joint, mutual, professional, creative decision. and besides, it's not like that scream are actual joint words that form a line or verse, and it's imitating britney's vocalisms. it's an entirely different time and situation to compare it to BJ or MR. not that MR is even unlistentable and embarassing to listen to in the first place.
  7. thanks guys. gonna post melanie a scalpel for her to cut out her vocal cords.
  8. ok so which part does brit not sing? and who does? imma go in on that bitch, doesn't she have any idea what we've endured?
  9. you guys i'm fucking obsessed. sooo slick and all around flawless. fuckkk that bitch for imitating brit for the adlibs like... but britney's vocals are on point.
  10. this is so fucking frustrating.
  11. i love this thread, can we never lose it?
  12. is that m4a cd rip better quality? i feel like most of these songs are so foggy, not sure if it's been ripped that way.
  13. beyonce got cheated on, made a huge deal out of it with lemonade and then still remains with her cheating husband. nope. i only listen to sorry because it's an undeniable bop but the rest has no backbone because she has no backbone. she could take a few life lessons from britney.
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