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  1. Yh, yet people still go after MuuMuse and T Kylie for example
  2. https://medium.com/@BrianneAmira/britneys-gram-reported-to-fbi-u-s-dept-of-health-and-more-7d3fcf495b27
  3. I think it’s common. Didn’t a fan stole Glory demos creating an AOL e-mail pretending to be Larry bc he also had an AOL e-mail?
  4. I know, I totally agree that Circus was too fast, she shouldn’t have comeback until at least 2012. But they did what would bring more money. However, if it wasn’t them, Britney probably wouldn’t be here anymore.
  5. I have the same thoughts too. How one year of her life could break her in an unfixable way. It’s been 12 years since 2007 and she clearly hasn’t recovered. It’s a pity how we broke her, and I do say we, included the fans, after all every one wanted a piece of her. I always remember this song:
  6. Can you post here so I can send too? I’ve been receiving some
  7. It’s not about Iggy’s reply, but what the #FreeBritney said
  8. “Help us and we’ll support you forever” I’m dying lol
  9. Tbh, I’d be shitting myself if I were them lol
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