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  1. He knows dancers etc. He lives in Vegas, so someone saw her rehearsing and told him
  2. Was Britney really talking about freedom of speech when she said it felt illegal holding a microphone?
  3. Wonder if she does every night a different cover. It would be amazing
  4. Gosh… that makes me so angry with Britney team… They should encourage her singing more live since the beginning of POM… instead they did a Britney Jean. thanks gosh our girl is rising up
  5. IKR?? like I said before, maybe Glory was the real comeback lol
  6. Glory was the real "comeback/rising from ashes" and we didn't know lol
  7. Seeing this I wonder... WHY THE FUCK didn't she sing Alien live to shut down the fucking raw vocals that leaked a while ago??
  8. OMFGGGG Thanks gosh nowadays there are no shitty recording (like in YOK), so we can say for sure… it's 100% live aaaaaaaaaah
  9. Slay-Z

    NEWS Britney SLAYS Happy Birthday LIVE

    Yh! Britney was always about music and dancing. But it would be rly nice if she had a part of her show stripped. Take off 4 songs that the performances aren't that good and put stripped down songs. It would be amazing! Or would be AMAZING if she picked a fan on the crownd and asks him/her to choose a song so she could sing along with the crownd. Like Madonna did on sticky & sweet tour.
  10. Slay-Z

    NEWS Britney SLAYS Happy Birthday LIVE

    The only thing I miss about FFT is the pre-recorded vocals. But that was it.
  11. Slay-Z


    In which part do you listen "Myah" on Mood ring?