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  1. I have no idea if anyone will check this, but LSA is down, so I'm posting here. I might post it again over there. I have uploaded some content on my Instagram. There will be more to follow. My handle is @glitterbot_ and my profile will only be public temporarily. - I managed to score two tickets on Saturday at the Honda Center, in section 220, row F, for $160 including the fee. I had no idea our seats were so close to the stage and was SHOOKINGTON when we got there. Later in the night, the girl seated next to us told me her tickets were upgraded from the floor to where we were. idk
  2. I had this on VHS and watched it every week for a while. Loved their costumes and hairstyles.
  3. tbh I think J. Lo became high profile because of the dress. The fact that she wore it at the Grammys also helped.
  4. I saw an old photo of Geri the other night. She was wearing J. Lo's famous green dress, but it wasn't an event photo. I wonder who wore it first.
  5. It surprised me when their costumer said Ginger has always been regal. No, she was not. Throwing on a dress with a union Jack on it does not make one regal. Ginger was always very brash and camp. However, those things no longer suit her. She looks amazing in those costumes. It might be a little boring but it's more appropriate for her now.
  6. Is it one of their lollipops or a generic one?
  7. Just noticed I called her Sporty instead of Mel C. They are truly back.
  8. Death at Sporty bringing the colored ponytail back YAS
  9. That is such an odd shade. Need to see it in different lighting.
  10. I'm still in a state of disbelief, despite evidence to the contrary.
  11. I agree and I hope the fanbase doesn't collectively flip out over it.
  12. Probably the guy that killed Michael lbr Sidenote: How come there was an investigation into Michael's death and not Prince's? They both died of overdoses.
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