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  1. I agree and I hope the fanbase doesn't collectively flip out over it.
  2. Probably the guy that killed Michael lbr Sidenote: How come there was an investigation into Michael's death and not Prince's? They both died of overdoses.
  3. Maybe her dad didn't know how to send a text in 2007? My parents didn't.
  4. I understand that this is disturbing, but why are people coming for Jason now?
  5. It's funny to me that she allegedly had a yahoo email. Why not britney@jiverecords.com?
  6. I agree. I'm not done with it yet but I think the uncertainty has to do with not really being able to confirm anything.
  7. I personally wouldn't have done an interview.
  8. Theory: Lou had already been stalking Britney but Sam was the one that introduced them and invited her into Britney's home. Sam & Lou had some kind of partnership. Then Britney's parents ousted Sam. Perhaps Lou even tipped them off in some way. Lou then went rogue, manipulated them, and then became Jamie Lynn's manager. The conservatorship took place and then she became Britney's "financial advisor" or whatever. Jamie either doesn't know about all the things she does or he goes along with it. Feeling betrayed by Lou, Sam leaked the emails as revenge. Whether Britney really composed them or not is another story. OR Sam never wanted Lou around in the first place because he knew she would prevent him from securing his bag.
  9. Someone said fans have been talking to Sam or hearing from him. The emails are from "an anonymous source," so I think it must be Sam.
  10. There's still something I don't get. When and how did Lou meet with the Spearses? How did she manage to manipulate all of them?
  11. That, and if she was genuinely scared, she might have wanted just anyone around to feel like she was protected. Plus, if he was drugging her, she could have been having delusions about him or about anything. That is what makes it even more scary. People just assumed she was taking drugs and probably ignored her because of it.
  12. Yeah, during the debut era. idk about afterward.
  13. When was the last time we know of that Britney and Lynne spent time together?
  14. It was a few episodes back. They're all worth listening to though, starting with the one after Domination was canceled.
  15. I don't recall. I'd have to listen to it again.
  16. Good point lol. I hadn't finished reading the thread when I posted that.
  17. Sam is probably in cahoots with Lou, or at the very least, using all of the #FreeBritney shit to get closer to her. Why the fuck are fans talking to him?
  18. She definitely had a procedure done to her lips other than just having them filled. The corners are different now, even when her face is totally rested.
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