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  1. The way she spoke and how serious she was about it you can tell they were really hurt by it
  2. She was at a wedding of a Spanish footballer, she didn’t even knew the bride. I’m 100% positive if that Spice Girls show wasn’t happening she wouldn’t have attended. Plus she had 12 other dates she could have attended, she just didn’t want to. Her loss tbh.
  3. Victoria is getting so much shit for the press and the general public for not even attending a show...
  4. I just. I have no words. They’re just incredible.
  5. What part are you going to? I’m going to Spice Circle
  6. Apparently several Australian reporters have been flown out to the UK for interviews but they haven't been told why yet, they will tell them at a later date. Australian dates must be coming for January/February while it's summer in Australia. It ain't over girls.
  7. I think this is the reason because I was in Dublin at the Circle and I didn’t notice any sound issue
  8. Just look at the girls reaction vs Victoria's reaction. They're all happy they know a song like Headlines (obviously, my country stanning them) and Victoria is just standing there.
  9. But when it came to being on the stage she was not passionate at all, there's videos that can prove that. She just wanted to show her kids that she was a Spice Girl, that's it.
  10. I agree 100% with this. Her vocals were not missed and neither was her energy. The girls had great chemistry they made us laugh a lot of the time and I feel like Victoria being there would have just held them back. Also I don’t know if you guys could tell from the videos but they LOVED being on the stage, you could tell from their faces, specially Mel C could not stop smiling.
  11. What? She did not want to be there during the last tour.
  12. I’ve no idea but I do think something happened because they were coming out to 90s songs and then they switched to a Kelly Rowland’s song from like two months ago
  13. This is main complain, they spent way too much time on the catwalk. I mean the came out there and they did the ending there and the Spice Circle fans only saw their backs
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