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  1. yeahhhh i think this is the end of Britney Spears the pop star. i have a feeling she’s gonna retire after she completes her treatment
  2. this is so embarrasing.. i hate stan culture so much.
  3. yall literally wont be happy until you force her team to reveal to the world what Britney’s true mental illness is and why exactly it is that a 40 year old woman still needs help to this day. gross, man.
  4. so basically what i see here is that Britney was running her brand to the ground and was on a path to total self-destruction maybe perhaps death until her father stepped in, saved her life and catapulted her back up to become one of the top earning women in music...
  5. anyways i believe there is 10 percent truth in all that i’m reading. i’m sure britney probably does feel frustrated at time with how regulated her life is but all this about her literally feeling like a prisoner and is being held against her will and her dad faking being deathly ill... is some bs.
  6. wait why would it be bs? seeing your dad so close to death would trigger a mental health crisis in many
  7. That was actually pretty freaking cool of her and she doesn't sound bad!
  8. this is such a superb album.
  9. I just finished listening to it! I love it!! This is the first lead single since Gimme More that has me hooked since first listen.
  10. To be honest, her team probably pushed for no award acceptance and she preferred it that way as well
  11. she just slayed a solo 7 minute live televised performance. This is huge, I hope this means she's overcome her fear and anxieties and more award show performances will come soon for the next album.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure she's not coming back out to accept her award. She's probably already in her limo ride back to her hotel suite.
  13. So we're not going to get an award acceptance speech? :/ regardless, I'm very pleased with the performance. She delivered!!
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