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  1. I feel like if not full-on retirement, then we'll probably see her continue the indefinite hiatus for much longer than some are expecting.
  2. It's absolutely heartbreaking and disgusting to me that fans begged her family to speak up, Jamie Lynn does so, but the response doesn't appear to be "good enough" for them because it doesn't feed into or support their narrative. What a shit show they all are.
  3. Imagine being a journalist and your assignment was to cover this.
  4. All it shows me is that people are happy to theorise and conspire from the safety of Twitter, but aren't mobilised/convinced/moved enough to show in person.
  5. That protest looks cringe worthy as hell. I'm kinda surprised the Britney's Gram girls are there to be honest.
  6. Looks like they bumped into each other too when they came back together.
  7. This is what bothers me about this Twitter conspiracy stuff, people take clips and distort them to suit a narrative. So because she pulls a face we're meant to believe that guy was a threat to her?
  8. Same happened with Spice Girls 😅 A fan managed to get demos by pretending to be Simon Fuller using a free email address. I think this stuff happens more than we think.
  9. Definitely is. He's started following various fans too. Also, I know we're all cool, but some fans have been trying to guess what Britney's supposed email address is and have made some pretty convincing guesses. It'd be good to double check what we're sharing just in case mentions of that slip through into things we want to embed/discuss. It's probably inactive now but you never know. Some fans are being very intrusive and have a weird sense of entitlement over knowing details like this.
  10. Watching it they seemed very unsure to me? I suppose it could be nerves, but they didn't come across as being completely certain about what they're pushing.
  11. Indeed. There's a reason he has multiple restraining orders against him and aligns himself with seemingly vulnerable women at any opportunity - Britney, Amanda, Courtney, Lindsay...
  12. Yeah it is, at least that's what the fans being contacted are saying. This guy, d4niellr, on twitter posted one of the emails and the unreleased photo before emailmypussy did and on Exhell claimed he was contacted by Sam. I won't embed the specific tweet because it has the photo. emailmypussy also had this to say about their source after people questioned if it was Sam: Can I say how embarrassing it is that an account called emailmypussy is spearheading this?
  13. Supposedly Sam got in touch with them. It feels quite uncomfortable that they're bringing him into it.
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