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  1. Fan-made edit of Spice Up Your Life performance. Full show unedited. Some parts are missing, but all the performances are full.
  2. Denying isn't a favourite of mine, but on an album that barely goes below an 8 for me, it's still AMAZING. Both of their albums as a five piece are perfect and I wouldn't change them.
  3. They had 13 camera angles set up at the show Saturday night. 👀 Probably all for the big screens, but fingers crossed they might use it for a DVD/Blu-Ray release!
  4. I think she said somewhere that she would watch the show (or implied she would), so it doesn’t surprise me people are salty that she didn’t attend. I guess she’s at home in her PJs watching fan video on YouTube.
  5. I had the best time tonight! Such a magical and epic show. The girl who ended up buying my spare ticket was an absolute sweetheart, we got on really well and ended up singing and dancing together ❤️ As a bit of fun before the show I sent these photos to my friend who couldn't make it with an emoji sticker on them (like they're supposed to be photos of her!). Told her how much I wish she was with me and that I love her to pieces. She loved it. I recorded videos of her two favourite songs so I'll send them to her tomorrow. 😅
  6. Hope everyone else who’s going tonight has a fantastic time! ✌️
  7. I'm in the lower tier seats 🙂 Hope you have a great time!
  8. Yeah the Sun reported this too 😞 I'm clinging on to hope that they might be able to use the screen footage to release a film. It's very good quality this time round.
  9. Saturday is so close 😭 Unfortunately my friend who gave birth recently isn't feeling up to it, and no one else was interested/available, so I sold my second ticket and will be going alone. I feel like I might enjoy it more (I usually go to gigs by myself) but hope those around me are friendly and lively!
  10. The way Mel C says "I'll just have a crisp" is killing me for some reason. 😂
  11. If that turns out to be the case, it might make sense to do US/CA around this time next year too? I really hope so! The world deserves Spiceworld.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48446798 Great article exploring what might be causing the sound issues.
  13. I wonder how much of it is just because they’re playing in stadiums. The acoustics will be terrible. I’ve seen lots of videos where it sounds great, and others where it doesn’t. I’m guessing it’ll depend where you’re located and how the sound travels.
  14. Victoria stopped being a Spice Girl in 2012 imo. She totally checked out.
  15. She might not have. 🤷‍♂️ If we believe everything that was reported about the early meetings, there were a lot of discussions about how expand the brand (i.e. films and tv) that she might have been keen on, but I don't feel like she was ever fully on board with the idea of performing again with them. (Edit - Oh wait, I read that wrong as Victoria never asking to participate herself, haha).
  16. It would've been great to see Forever represented more outside of the singles (Right Back At Ya and If You Wanna Have Some Fun were my hopes). But I guess with Geri involved it doesn't make much sense, and they've only done Goodbye, Holler and Let Love Lead The Way purely because they were singles and all feature on the Greatest Hits album.
  17. I always say that! Mel C and Emma carry the songs and are essentially the voice of the band. The others add the ~texture~ and personality - Mel B and Geri’s deeper vocals and raspiness is used in such a great way throughout the debut album.
  18. I agree with you. I think the costumes suit who she is now, but the opening one is bad 😅 It just looks really weird next to other girls outfits. I love the Holler outfit. It's on theme, but totally suits who she is - leather, but a little more conservative compared to the other girls costumes.
  19. I dislike her opening outfit so much, but thought it was very camp 😂 I'd like to see the skirt slightly shorter and fitted, or it be altered into a corset and hotpants. The other gowns she wears are more appropriate though because they match what the other girls are wearing.
  20. She just sang the original lyrics, "Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady". I think Mel B probably laughed too early or got caught up in the moment, cause her line afterwards is usually "As for me - ha ha - you'll see!"
  21. I'm not entirely sure! I just saw someone say this happened. I think if Victoria had been involved, the show would've been completely different - much more slick like the Return of the Spice Girls show - which was great, but also lacked the fun of the band. This show looks like an absolute camp celebration of everything that made them special.
  22. Geri and Mel B hugged and said, "fuck the headlines, friendship never ends"?
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