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  1. I think the trouble is it was a double-A side with Holler (back when these things mattered) and Holler eclipsed it. 😅
  2. Apparently the crowd were very much here for We Are Family 😅 I don't mind it being included because I associate the song with the Spice Girls a lot because I watched the Wembley VHS on repeat as a kid. It feels very nostalgic, and I prefer that as the cover, rather than something else. Let Love Lead The Way had the worst reception. I agree Goodbye should be moved.
  3. Unfortunately not. 😞 I like the song a lot, probably more so than most fans, so that's a disappointment. Especially when you consider they only have 13 singles anyway. I suppose the worry is the setlist becomes ballad heavy if they include them all.
  4. While performing Wannabe they wore costumes inspired by what they wore in the music video! Pictures from The Sun
  5. Geri's given Emma a lollipop for being a good baby. Omfg. 😂
  6. SET LIST Spice Up Your Life If U Can't Dance Who Do You Think You Are (Morales Club Mix) Do It Something Kinda Funny Interlude - Move Over/Power Of 5 (Spice World: The Movie Boot Camp Chant) Holler Viva Forever Let Love Lead The Way Goodbye Interlude - Music/Car Wash Never Give Up On The Good Times We Are Family (Cover) Love Thing Lady Is A Vamp Too Much Say You'll Be There 2 Become 1 Girl Power! Interlude Stop Mama Wannabe
  7. Sporty Spice! The look of determination on her face. 💪
  8. They replicated the original Spice ring on stage ❤️
  9. They look stunning. So colourful and camp ❤️ 😍
  10. All this just makes me want a new album. Come on ladies. A last farewell.
  11. They seem to be getting into character more so than ever! 😅😍
  12. By the way, some tour merch is now in the shop at www.thespicegirls.com 😄
  13. Natural so I'm not too worried about that, I used to work in children's centres supporting families with babies and children under 5, women are fucking superheroes with the way they bounce back after something so intense! It'll depend on how she feels generally though. ❤️
  14. My friend who I was planning to go with gave birth Tuesday! Hopefully she'll feel up to it by the 15th, or I'll have to find someone else or go alone 😅 At least we've avoided giving birth during the show...
  15. Fantastic that they're including nods to things like Spice World The Movie too! Omg.
  16. If anyone wants to copy her, she used L'Oreal Preference shade 74 Mango. 😅
  17. Can't wait for the 15th June! 😄 It's come round so quickly.
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