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  1. Do you mean for the SAY YOU'LL BE THERE VIP package? No one knows for sure yet, but I'd imagine it'd be the first few rows of the seated areas closest to the stage in Level 1 of the stadiums.
  2. I’m contemplating it - Spice Circle but without the VIP package. I’ll probably not buy a few things I wanted to buy this month just to justify it to myself, lol 🙈
  3. I'll be going alone! My friend who I was planning to go with will be giving birth in June... not sure she'll want to be at a Spice Girls gig when she's ready to pop 🙈
  4. That stage map being used for Sunderland has made me consider golden circle. I'd even be happy in the general standing area, as long as I can make my way near the front. But they have a different map for Wembley which is where I'll be aiming for 🙈
  5. Emma and Geri looking flawless backstage at Jonathan Ross
  6. First look at the girls with Jonathan Ross! Airs Saturday night!
  7. The rumour comes from the girls themselves. 😂 I think it's the BBC Radio 2 interview that they mentioned 22 dates (they were whispering between themselves), but then agreed only 6 for now.
  8. No further comments, other than Mel B saying UK first then probably international dates.
  9. Details about pricing from Ticketmaster: https://blog.ticketmaster.co.uk/music/spice-girls-41321 Tickets for London will range from £60 – £135 for seats, £75 for standing, and £199 for Golden Circle. Tickets for all other dates range from £55 – £125 for seats, £70 for standing, and £185 for Golden Circle. VIP options are also available for all dates, as detailed below. Note: All prices listed exclude fees. What VIP options are available? Spice Up Your Life VIP £295 for London / £280 for all other dates Package includes: Experience the
  10. They were late to their interview at Heart, because Geri, Mel C and Mel B had to travel from the BBC studios to Heart's studio to join Emma there, so they postponed the next show 😂
  11. I listened to the interviews, Mel B did say they were recording an album but it was very sarcastic, and didn’t seem genuine, and Mel C interrupted to say “She’s fibbing”.
  12. Gigs and Tours released prices for Edinburgh early and if I remember right it was around £65-75 for General Admission standing and seating and around £170-230 for VIP standing and golden circle. They were on radio this morning, the chemistry is AMAZING. They’ve all but confirmed extra dates are booked - Geri or Mel B whispered it’ll be 22 dates. Not sure if that’s just UK or not. Mel B said they’re recording a new album and the girls mocked her for not being able to keep secrets (I’m listening now to make sure that’s right lol).
  13. If you don't get tickets Saturday, it'll be worth looking on Twickets in the weeks and months after - it'll be the official re-sale partner of the tour, and they only allow people to list tickets for face value or less. I'm sure there'll be loads that pop up.
  14. The girls will be on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow morning, 8:15am (UK time), as well as being interviewed on Emma's breakfast show on Heart, some time between 6am-9am. They're also filming Jonathan Ross tomorrow. I'm guessing we'll get some more photos of them together, and some tidbits from the JR show ahead of it airing Saturday. 😄
  15. The girls will be on Emma’s breakfast show tomorrow, on Heart radio, talking about the tour. Emma already said it’ll be “all the classics” when asked if there’ll be new material, so I doubt we’ll get a single or album unless it comes later 😞
  16. I think Spiceworld is their best too. It's so varied across all the songs, but manages to remain consistent.
  17. Denying is my least favourite from Spiceworld I think. Do It always reminds me of the movie.
  18. They could re-purpose Spice Is Back which is an unreleased song from the Greatest Hits album. Mel C said once it was good, and hummed the tune.
  19. I hope so. Even the ill-fated 3-piece reunion was aiming to release music, even if it was just supposed to be the theme tune to a TV singing competition (Song for Her).
  20. I think it's on purpose, maybe if it was all 5 and Victoria was adamant it's the final time, they would bill it as such, but as a 4-piece without Victoria's reservations there's a lot of opportunities for them. They could continue touring for as long as they want to, do new music, anything. Nicki Chapman who used to be their publicist said she expects this to be the start of something bigger.
  21. Yeah I can see more UK dates being added, probably even as soon as this weekend, due to demand. I really don't think Victoria would sit out for a 6 date tour, especially since back in February it seemed they were all on the same page, so I reckon there's more to come and she just didn't want to/couldn't commit to it all.
  22. It really depends how confident you feel in Mel B's words 😂 I can see them doing it if the UK dates go well, but so far it's only Mel B that's said it.
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