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  1. She will be back in Vegas in 3-4 months as soon as she get better. They will use all of this attention for an other comeback as they did with Circus.
  2. While some fans are doing too much I think that it was necessary. She worked last 10 years more that almost all other singers in the industry: multiple tours, residency, star coach, albums, etc. Her people are putting her out there when you can see how unconfortable she is and this is so wrong. This women needs to take time to get better and not to be busy so she can think about her problems. There are others things to keep her busy but they chose again to expose her to stress and public eye so that she can keep earning money. I really hope that all this movement will provoke an investigation
  3. The song is amazing and so is Britney's voice. It is better than some songs on standard but we cant do nothing about that.
  4. Wow I just woke up the song is perfect...;)
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