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  1. 20 minutes ago, Peter said:

    Also, who's Jacob??


    I'm not sure but I think it's this guy



    He was the Freakshow guy once and we saw them together at some awards show


    For the first time I feel like, this, wasn't calculated by Britney team! Looks like she was upset about the talking on her playback during the radio interview and go to her own to show the world that she can sing... I feel it happened like this and I'm really happy about.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Marcus said:

    Right? Not sure why I was quoted and replied to in French so I just ignored it. Seemed like delusional Stan talk anyways. 


    If you don't understand don't open your mouth then! Delusional stan? Why? Mais juste why quoi? I don't understand why some people like to b*tching with their dirty tongue and make some diva b*tch shade for no reason! For the record my comment was only about DJ Mustard and it was not mean or anything about you so... Whatever.


    Right? Hihihihihihihihi hastag conasse des milles et une nuits hastag rassrah

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  3. 1 hour ago, Marcus said:

    That it was probably caught up in royalty negotiations so it was realeased as a bonus track in another country so Mustard couldn't re-record and release it on his own. 


    OKLM ça se là re-record et ça sla release à sauce, naaaaaaan! Le batard! Y a plus de respect! It's Britney b*tch quoi!

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  4. Same for me! I'm fucking obsessed with this song... It's so magiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic! And don't worry for Brit, let Perry has her moment because once Brit will released the video, we will talk only about it. I hope Brit team will let Perry doing her thing and then released the video next week. Plus, Brit doesn't care, she only wants to do the music she loves and makes the fans happy! AND WE AAAAAAAAAARE!!! That's only matte

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Daviddd said:

    It's about that time. In about two hours I'll hear this in my car for the first time. Windows down, moonroof open. God damn I'm fucking stoked. 


    Please record it!!! I'm living for fans videos!!!


    This song is magic, it deserve a huge sucess seriously! Thanks Godney for this gift!

  6. 2 hours ago, trey. said:


    100% agreed. 


    Closely followed by Chillin' With You and Til It's Gone. Simply because I don't believe any of those are Britney.


    I would honestly delete Body Ache if I didn't feel like it was sacreligious to not have every "Britney Spears" song in my iTunes. 


    Britney Jean gives me diarrhea everytime (except for WB, Perfume and Alien)

    It's not sacreligious, Britney herself would tell you "delete it, I can even do it for you, I did it on my Ipod too...!" for sure!

  7. 9 minutes ago, Luis said:

    Was the official setlist ever leaked?


    This one leaked few days ago, it's seem to be the real one:




    OMG, I think we will have a new choreo for Toxic, they can't finish the song like they do for Vegas. It's need to be f-cking big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need the threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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