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  1. When you’re in the public eye, there will ALWAYS be speculation. While I think it’s necessary to call out injustice if you think it’s occurring, some stans are taking this way too far.
  2. Took a break from the forum only to come back to people STILL hating on Ari. 😂 I guess she's doing something right. Btw, stadium sales and streaming numbers aren't mutually exclusive. Maybe not the intention of your rhetoric, but that's the presumption being made in my eyes. You don't build a musical legacy by just selling out tours. I don't know about y'all but I didn't go to my first concert till I was in my early 20s because I nor my family couldn't afford it, privilege is nice.
  3. Sis, I googled it and confirmed my thoughts. Literally none, possible Christina. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.instyle.com/news/most-unforgettable-grammys-performances-all-time%3famp=true also before anyone comes at me, I was looking at the 21st century..
  4. I literally can’t think of the last decade defining cultural Grammy performance. 😂
  5. This is literally the best moment of my life. Omg omg omg!!!!!
  6. Omg same! I've been showing everyone this weekend and they look at me like I've lost my mind. She sang for the first time since 2004 for fucks sake!
  7. Hours later and I'm still listening to Britney sing happy birthday. Who needs to go out tonight? also, making her team has really deluded her into thinking she is singing with playback only for them to turn off the output of her microphone? Hmm
  8. Then she lips everytime on a swing.
  9. This gives me life OMG so i heard the song on the radio, it sounds even better there! The radio hosts loved it. Also, anyone else feel like they can harmonize perfectly with the chorus?
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