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  1. Blindgossip.com posted this the other day.... https://blindgossip.com/why-she-is-out-of-sight/#more-98423 There is some misdirection going in the case of this performer’s health. That is why she is currently out of sight. They are getting her back on her medications. Let’s hope our girl stays on them and can experience the sunshine soon!
  2. This makes sense, but I don’t know if they wean her off the meds. If she stopped her meds for whatever reason , then they’d probably give her like a longer lasting injection version of her bipolar meds; probably a shot she’ll get every month. They’ll try adjusting her pills in between. Then, they’d follow her until she’s more stable. But this is just speculation; no one knows what’s going on for real.
  3. Right, if she’s being held against her will, they planned it out pretty well huh? We didn’t see pics of Britney strapped in a gurney like last time. There was no big scene. Everything was done in secrecy.
  4. Until the truth really comes out, all of these speculations are just juicy gossips with some truths mixed into it. I don’t know if we’ll ever find out the whole truth, at this point. Interesting that she stopped her meds, if it’s true. I wonder what made her stop, was it the side effects? I wonder if she developed tolerance to the meds and they weren’t working well for her as they did at first.
  5. Wow, apparently she still knows how to give people something to talk about, and she sounds great. When I listened closely, the ad-libs after the "love love loveee" remind me of something Adele would do. Seriously.
  6. Those vocals are FIYAH. Totally reminds me of the Open Arms rendition she did at 14-15 YO. Get those melismas, Brit!
  7. Can someone PM me a link too? Thanks.
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