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  1. Nah, she’ll be in Vegas by the end of the year.
  2. A reporter just interviewed a fan and asked “what sources do you get all of your news from?” And he said “I’ve gone to the University of Britney Spears for 20+ years” 💀
  3. Omg this is horrifying. They’re chanting “Get a job, Jamie” 😂
  4. I’m pretty sure the last time they were photographed together publicly was at the Radio Disney Awards last year
  5. OBVIOUSLY her life is much different now than what it was. But if 10 years ago she wanted out of the conservatorship, why the hell would she be fine with it today? I guess you could say she’s become ~complacent~
  6. I just finished watching this in full and it made me super uncomfortable.
  7. Ikr. Hopefully we get an update or episode tonight.
  8. E!’s discussion about this starts at 17:32. If she really has to get permission from Jamie for Sam to sleep over...that is so sad.
  9. Yeah I agree. Britney’s not the only person to go to a high end salon. I’m sure this is only coincidence.
  10. Or they can threaten to cut exclusivities with other artists... girl, didn’t you work at e? Shouldn’t you know how some of this works?
  11. I’ve been told Britney’s PR team is not allowing press to report on this.
  12. Lou Taylor has begun deleting comments and blocking people on Instagram.
  13. https://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/Britney-Spears-Voicemail-About-Her-Father-Conservatorship-Leaked-2984041 This article was posted 3/30/09.
  14. If I remember correctly, this leaked around the time of the start of TCSBS.
  15. I’m sure they all know what’s happening, but they aren’t the type to make anything of that sort public. For JL’s daughters bday party over the weekend, SP & JJ were there. While Britney is doing her program. Not to mention they’ve been to Kentwood multiple times recently without Britney (atleast to our knowledge). This is all very suspect.
  16. Unless if she has to be with someone while driving. Have we seen her driving alone?
  17. Lynne liked that comment on IG. Interesting.
  18. Well if what they’re saying is true and the conservatorship was supposed to end after TCSBS, that explains why she was off during FF, and wanting little to any involvement with BJ.

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